Friday, January 6, 2012

52 weeks and 52 articles

Edit August 8, 2012:  This project kinda fell on its face.  I am going to keep writing but my life got a little crazy for a while and I let it slide.  Hopefully I will be getting back into it soon.    

For many years now I have wanted to start writing for reasons beyond school and work.  Now that I am finally finished with seminary and running out of excuses I am deciding to make it happen.  This year I am going to write something substantive at least once a week.  52 articles in 52 weeks.  For those of you that write professionally this may not seem like much but for a humble beginner like myself with more than one day job this challenge is more than a little daunting.  I hope I am up to the task! 

Why am I going this?  Glad you asked.       

Cultivation of Discipline:  I need more discipline in my life.  On the whole I get tasks done, sometimes I even get them done on time.  I don’t think I am lazy in the classical sense of the word.  Yet when I finish a task I am filled with disappointment with how it was accomplished.  Most of my big projects are desperate sprints to the finish line when they should have been disciplined jogs over a longer period of time.  By creating a public space for discipline I hope to build up my ability to push off procrastination.  To discipline my ability to be disciplined, if that makes any sense.  

Creation over consumption:  As a culture, particularly a internet culture, we consume more than we create.  I am a chief offender here.  I have read a lot about writers.  I can tell you about the writing processes of Stephen King, John Grisham, George RR Martin and many others.  The internet has provided me with this service.  I have consumed a lot of knowledge about writing, now it is time to do it.  I want to create something, not just consume.  I hope that this will be a practice that will spill over into the rest of my life. 

Test run for Publication:  For several years now I have heard people say, “You are a good writer, you should try and get published.”  I rather like this sentiment but have yet to really make a go at it.  Probable reasons may be deep seated fears about not being “good enough” or the ever present desire to keep a low profile.  This series is my entrance into the practice of consistent writing.  This weekly “publication” is an arena to allow for commentary from someone other than my mom, hone my craft and to figure out what I would like to write about should I make an honest go at it.   

And there it is, article 1 of 52.  Hope to see you next Friday for number 2!

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  1. Eccesiastes 3 tells us for everything there is a season, while wallering around in self pity your blog was a nice reminder, God already said that. Thanks