Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Feign Outrage and Cry Persecution: A Failed Christian Business Model

Nod your head if this sounds familiar.  A marginally Christian organization comes under scrutiny for one reason or another.  An outraged Christian “leader” cries persecution and calls for a “day of support.”  We do our Christian duty and shop till we drop (or eat till we burst).  The Christian organization has record one day sales and the day is saved.  

This cycle has repeated itself in various ways several times this last year.  We saw it with Chick-Fil-A and now with Hobby Lobby.  We saw it earlier with the Family Research Council and today we are rallying around the NRA and our God given right to own as many guns as we can get our hands on.  We tell ourselves that we are doing it to “fight the good fight” but in reality I believe that we are doing it out of fear.  We are told that the world will end or that the character of our country is at stake if we don’t get out there and spend money.  We solve problems, not as Christians, but as consumers and fear-mongering is good for business.