Monday, February 11, 2013

Questions for Reflection: Lent

As Lent approaches many of us are considering, "What am I going to give up this year?"  While this is a good thing; Lent is about so much more than that.  It is about repentance, reflection, anticipation and new beginnings.  It is about taking a good look at ourselves and at Christ and finding ways to journey closer to him.
Below are some questions that may be helpful as you think about how to celebrate Lent this year.  My hope is that they will help you to reflect on this season and create practices that will direct you further into the character of Christ this Easter.

 - Are there any habits that I engage in that have more control over me than I do over them?  How does this effect my relationship with myself, God and others?  What is the best way to address this over the next 40 days?

 - In what ways have I become more like Christ in the last year? How can I capitalize on this success and grow further over the next 40 days?

 - Is there anything in my life that I tell myself that I "can't live without?"  What does this say about me? How can I grow from this revelation?

 - Is there any sin that I need to repent of?

 - When I celebrate Easter this year how do I want to be different

 - Are there any areas of discipline that I have been lacking in?

 - Is there anyone that I need to forgive or seek reconciliation with?

 - Have I created space for daily contemplation and reflection?  How can I make this a part of my life over the next 40 days?

 - Is there a "good" thing in my life that is keeping me from a "great" thing?  Is Christ calling me to a greater risk?  How can I discern that over the next 40 Days?

 - Would it be more helpful for me to keep my fast a secret or to share it with a close friend?

 - How is my fast going to draw me closer to myself, God and others?

So how are you going to celebrate Lent this year?


  1. I am going to give up Facebook..... one of the things I am on constantly and I know that I will spend that time with God. Very excited for Lent this year! Thank you for this post. Very thought-provoking :)

    1. I have been considering that myself too. It is such a time sucker! It is crazy to think that such a simple thing can have such a strong hold over us. Hopefully it will be a transformative experience for you!