Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why I would hate living in the Star Wars Universe

If I lived in the Star Wars Universe I would have a healthy dislike for the Force. Whether Jedi or Sith I would just not like them, here is why.

Every major war in the Universe has been fought by them. They are always fighting each other and everyone gets sucked into it. Even a cursory glance at Star Wars lore will reveal that when the Jedi and the Sith are at odds the whole universe has to suffer. It does not matter what else might be going on the Sith are seeking their Revenge and the Jedi their Return. Empires rise and fall, whole planets and ways of life are destroyed because they can’t get along.

You can’t trust them to care about anyone but themselves. This is especially true of the Sith but even the Jedi care more about the “mysteries of the Force” than curing societal ills and righting wrongs. They have some great propaganda but when the bantha poodoo hits the fan, they only care about getting and keeping control. The universe is going to pot in the Clone Wars and it is all a ploy to get the Sith back in power. The Jedi destabilize the entire political climate because the Emperor happens to be a Sith. “So Luke you just killed the Emperor and destroyed the Imperial Regime. You have ushered in a new era of political and economic instability. Now what do you do?”

There is no middle ground with them. You can’t be a Sith with Jedi tendencies or vice versa. I thought it rather ironic when, in Episode III, Obi-wan told Anakin that only the Sith deal in absolutes. Isn’t that an absolute? There is no place for anyone outside of their structure and belief system and if you can’t use the Force you might as well resign yourself to dying a quick death by lightsaber.  Even red shirts have it better than that.  If you are not one of them you have no voice. Democracy by the people really doesn’t work when you have two absolutist groups wielding an all powerful and infallible Force.

Ok I admit it, I am a nerd.  I love Star Wars a lot but I realize most of you don’t so I will move on to my thoughts regarding Republicans and Democrats…

Reposted from my old blog, originally written in 2006.  Just goes to show you that no matter how much things change they always stay the same;) How do you think we can rise above this?

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